About Us


Brand Profile

Mega Max TV is the largest independent cable television service provider in Nepal. As a privately held MSO company, Mega Max TV is nation’s one of the most experienced, advanced and innovative company in this business, delivering most sound technology with excellent services at most competitive prices, with a portfolio of operations since its establishment

Being the leading MSO of Nepal, Mega Max TV started to provide its services with the brand name of Max Digital TV famously known as Max TV. We have launched 200+SD & 60+HD channels and we developed franchisee network to spread its services all over Nepal. We launched fiber technology as well as broadband service in our network. We are also the biggest MSO as well as we will become Broadband Carrier in Nepal. Mega Max TV is the only one MSO who got the License/permission to provide our services across all over Nepal.

Max TV is aware of its role in bringing in the best possible cable infotainment and service to the customers & communities it serves, through a conscious effort towards investment in the latest information and technology the world has to offer. Max TV subscribers will enjoy improved clarity in television reception and an increasingly broad array of exciting information and entertainment programming. Whether it is Cable or Telephony, ultimately these businesses are about delivering service.

The aim of this Mega Max TV Pvt. Ltd is to provide common platform for all the local operators relieving them from financing a great deal of investment in lieu of acquiring MSO license, installing digital head-end and importing Mega Max STB Box in a higher volume. Most of the LCO can't manage resource as required at their own to run the show in pursuant to the policy of the Government. Hence Mega Max TV carrying call sign of "Max Digital TV" has come up with turnkey solution for entire cable fraternities to get associate with the project and complete digital migration process within the deadline as set by the Government.

By joining Max TV, as a Cable Operator can avail of the latest digital signals and the most advanced equipment to receive and transmit the signals and thus save on heavy Investments for Expensive Equipment.


Why Mega Max TV

With high definition (HD) picture quality promising to be a treat & pleasure to eyes with viewing experience similar to what everyone would expect in reality, Max TV subscribers now have more reason to celebrate. Max TV has scaled up their offerings to 60+ HD & 200+SD channels in every territory/corner of Nepal and all its service is available with an attractive and combined broadband service, giving consumers value for money. With Max TV, subscriber can expect superior services with best picture quality and richer in content.

Max TV provides maximum number of SD & HD channels at lowest costs to customer comfort. We don’t want our customers to have a pleasing viewing and surfing experience only, but also help to save their hard earned money. It is not necessary that satisfaction will come with expensive purchase. We want to give highest level of satisfaction at lowest cost to our priceless customer. That is why our focus always remains on customer satisfaction and which our foremost priority & unchanged attitude and remain forever.

Max TV mainly to serve the consumers with rich and high quality digital TV experience. We provide high-end digital Signals and MSO services.

Features of Maxdigital TV

1. Catch-up TV (Viewing experience of viewers to 360 Degree)

With this feature, Subscriber can rewind / shift the timings of any channel and view their program as per their time preference / convince .So, subscribers does not have to watch/ view TV program as per TV schedule .

2. Real time VOD (First time in Nepal) without Internet

Currently subscribers can have these facility/services only if they subscribe the internet with TV, therefore subscribers have to pay for both internet and TV.

With Max TV STB, Subscriber can enjoy VOD without Internet. Viewers only have to select movies / songs / any program / etc. through our STB and on our Network (Intranet) and watch it as per convenience / schedule.

3. Broadband Services (without any investment)

In the current scenario, ISPs / MSOs / LCOs have to deploy an entirely new network with huge investment to serve Broadband services to their Customers; cost includes Control Room, Fiber Network, CPE and more.

Since we are deploying Two-Way Technology network, from day-1 we are ready to establish and serve Internet Broadband to all of our customers on our existing cable network, we only need to install some additional equipment, and we are ready without Investment.

Our Network is ready to provide TWO WAY signals and our STB has inbuilt Modem.

4. Online Shopping without Internet –

In the current scenario, customer who is buying products online, should be highly educated, have Credit / Debit card, know English well, have internet Connection, etc

But benefit of Shopping through STB of Max TV are – None educated, No Credit / Debit Card compulsory (COD Available), English not required, No Internet required.

5. Dolby Digital at Home

Earlier / till now, Dolby Digital sound was experienced by viewers in Cinema Halls and/or by putting lot of money to buy for Home. But we are first to introduce Dolby Digital Sound to all our Viewers through SVT Box and over SVT network only.

6. Nepal’s First MSO with Network Management System (NMS).

This feature is New to Cable TV industry. Currently End user (Viewer) raise the complaint of Network Down to LCO / MSO, which takes much time to get into notice and then resolve / attend the complaint. Presently none of the MSOs are providing NMS feature to LCOs.

With this our feature, MSO technical team and LCO, both will get to know the Network failure immediately / Real-time basis (on Laptop / Mobile App) including the track and location of Network down / Fiber cut / etc., and Technical team will be able to resolve / attend it sooner, this will help in reducing Service time by approximate 75%.


“To be a leading multi-system operator in Nepal with the state-of-the-art technology propagating innovative service offerings to cater growing needs and expectation of viewers".


“To provide competitive and high quality broadcast, broadband and communication solutions to valued clientele through FTTH (Fiber-to-the-home) eco-system hiring latest and sophisticated technology".


"To become a number one MSO in Nepal in terms of customer base, HH coverage, range of service, quality and professionalism one year down the line"


1. Attaining target of 1 million subscribers one year down the line.
2. Launching Internet, IPTV, OTT and Value added Service by the end of one year.
3. Expanding service to all metro and sub-metro cities by the end of the first of year of operation.
4. Expanding service to all commercially and economically active municipalities by the end of the second year of operation.